Indian grocery stores in Cairo

My husband is to get a job in Egypt, Cairo. So me and my son will be following him to cairo in a month or so.  I just want to know if we have Indian grocery stores in Cairo. Am now in Malaysia. Here getting all the urad dhal is all so easy. Just want to know if I need to pack some stuff from here. Help required.


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Thanks for the info ........the Indian restaurant in zamalek nawwab sells some things too

It is good to know u get some stuff there. For a start I need to bring some essential stuff with me. Wanted to know this: actually my hubby's office provides housing in 3 areas - they are Zamalek, 6th October city & Maadi. Which place is good. I have a seven year old son and need to send him to British curriculum school. Suggestions required.

Thank you all for the info.

Hi I just want to know when are the academic holidays in schools generally in Egypt.


well there are spice shops all over cairo with many barrels filled with anything and i think if u ask they can order it... and also spices and coconut milk and other indian items can be found at carrefour in maadi i did notice. :-)

MSG56 :

Hi Meena,

We used to live in KL and will soon be traveling to Cairo.  My wife is from Calcutta and we were wondering if you ever found out about any Indian grocery stores new Zamalek/Cairo.


Most spices are easy to come by but there are maybe a couple of more special Indian ones that may be difficult.

As for where to live - don't whatever you do choose an area based on where people reccoment you to live - pick where you live based on where you work!!
The traffic in Cairo is a nightmare and gettig anywhere is unpredicatable - and as you drive to work 5 days a week then you need to make the commute as short as possilbe - but this doesn't mean that if it ia 40 minute commute it will take 40 minutes every day!
When I first started work I worked in 6th October and lived in central Cairo.  I set off from my home at 7am every morning, and could arrive in the office anytime between 8:30 - 10:30.
Also every day I used to start clock watching at 2pm thinking about the drive home and wondering what on earth the traffice would be like this evening.  Again I would set off from work at around 4:30pm - and literally arrive home at any time.  AFter one very memorable (for all the wrong reasons) journey home that took me over 5 hours I decided that enough was enough and moved to 6th October!
Now I drive 15 minutes into work evry morning and the same home every night - it's great!!
And 6th October is we find a good place to live - we have most things we need on the doorstep (nowhere is perfect) and it is green and open - and the weather (environment is so much better!).  Also if we need a dose of busy Cairo it is not so far away in the car.

British schools are all over Cairo - so that needn't be an issue in deciding where to live and most schools have buses that take the children home all over Cairo.  But if you are anything like myself I didn't want my children to do a full day at school and then travel 90 minutes each way (if they are lucky) on a bus - it is a very long day.  SO again I chose a school which from door to door is 30 minutes along a route which is not choked with traffic!!

Thanx for the response. I might be there on the 10th of August. We are planning to stay in the 6th October as my husband is to work in the smart village. Good to here some response.


That looks like a good choice - the commute should be nice and easy!!!
And trust me in Cairo that is a rare thing.

6th October is good I like it!  If you need any help at all before / when you arrive just let me know!  If we can't point you in the right direction maybe we know someone who can
My Arabic is 50/50 - but my Husband ia EGyptian so if you need any help with anyone just give us a shout!

That's so sweet of u. Thanx a lot. Will ask u if I need any help. My husband is there now to make arrangements for a house. Would like to ask u one thing. It is a favor. I am 3 months carrying and would like to know about the facilities on hospitals and doctors. If u could suggest me any good doctor or which place to go would be of very good help. Just to get an idea.


Hi all,
Am already here in Egypt and in 6th of October. Just wanted to know where to buy black school shoes. As I cudn't find any shops for children shoes. If anyone can help it will be of use.


Hi Meena,
Welcome to Egypt.  I'm also in the 6 October area, Sheikh Zayed. You will find that the majority of the kids wear tennis shoes...double check with school.
Best of luck & let me know if u need anything. Myabe we could meet up for coffee once kids settle in school..we started today :))


I'm coming to Cairo on the 27th of January, 2013. Is there any Indian around?

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