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My name is Joy. I work for Google and live in New Delhi. My French flatmate Anais and I are looking for someone to share a 3 bedroom house with in South Delhi. The rent is Rs 12,500. Please reach out to me


Hi Joy,

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You should also post this advert in the housing in New Delhi section.

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Hello Sophia,

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Well, it is a little odd to get your mail like this and so you can understand my response.

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Hi Joy!

Have you found a room mate yet? How much is the room, where is it located and is it furnished? Moving there by 1st June from Singapore and i still dont have a place to stay.

Hello Maria,

Hope you're well.

The house is in Kalkaji, in South Delhi and it is equidistant to Nehru Place and Kalkaji Madir Metro Stations.

It is a fully furnished flat and it is currently occupied. One of my flatmates leaves in mid-August. If you have not found one till then or would like to shift, please do let me know.

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im finding d room so plz call me 08909090900, 8586962373.
im basicaly from rishikesh but working here.

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I am a 20 year old french girl, I am in Delhi from 18th of january to end of april for an internship near Lodhi Estate. And I am looking for a room. I have lived in a shared appartment for 2 years now, I am calm and clean.
Is this offer still available ?
Thank you

Hello LuneC,

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Since this topic dates back to 2013, it is quite unlikely for this offer to still be available.

I would suggest that you have a look at the listing of rentals in the Housing in New Delhi section.

You may also post a free search advert of your own in the same section.

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Hi Lune,

Plz contact me at XXX

Guys, this thread is 7 years old. I prefer closing it, please post your ads in the housingsection, thanks

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