looking for an studio/apartment in delhi

Im not happy with the places where i ve been living. I wanna find anice studio or apartment with 1-2 rooms, not far away India Gate, coz im studying somewhere there.
It should be a nice flat, something like occidental style, with alectricy and water 24 hours (not from tanq). A/C, fans, equiped kitchen with gas and fridge, if is posible washing mashine, no ground floor, windows coz i like natural light, etc.

The only problems is the money. People think that i have money because im foregner but i dont coz im here studying. I dont wanna spend more that 18.000 and i know that it is possible to find it, althout brokers always find me the most expensives flats.

So if u know something or u can help will be cool, im getting desesparte and if im still with problems, i will have to move to my country.

Need help!!

consider Patel Nagar or Rajender Nagar ... they are centrally located and are good localities

Hi, I have a 3BHK flat with a terrace, i want to rent out a single room to a girl. The flat is located in south Delhi - Alaknanda (near Greater Kailash 2). It is a fully furnished house with airconditioners, television, fulled equipped kitchen, wi-fi internet, landline phone, a cook and a help to clean & wash.The market is walking distance and local travel is available right outside the colony. The rent inclusive of food & room is 17000 rupees per month, the internet & electricity bills are on actuals. The room is available for short & long stay. Please get in touch for any queries if you are interested. radhikasharad[at]gmail.com or radhikasharda[at]yahoo.co.in

India gate is about 20-30 mins. It would be lovely to have you.
Hope to hear soon.
regards, Radhika


I have an appartment that suits ur budget and requirements.


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