5 good reasons for living in Togo


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Togo, what would be your top 5?

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It is cheap compared to Ghana and Nigeria.
There are hardly any shopping so you save well.
There is a good english school.
There are feo expats, so you get know people quite QuickLy.
There is a golf course.

Thanks for this post. Can I ask the name of this school please?

There is a school called The British School of Lome

The British school of lome has around 250 pupils. They teach a english currículum and for later years IB. About 25 percent are boarders mainly from Nigeria. There is a website if you want to see.....BSL.TG i think.


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I forgot to say that fees are about 9,000 used per year for primary.