How to make friends in Togo

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Togo :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Togo??

Thanks in advance for your participation

i would like have femaile friends in Togo

me too :)
anybody here from Togo?

Any good friend from Togo would aid my quest -pls-. Thank you sooooo much.

Hi Nora Dunamis and welcome on the forum!

What type of help are you seeking?


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HI all i would like to know western people

i need friends from Togo

Hello humble570 and welcome to! :)

Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you,

If you want to make friends in togo just visit our young association. Association Les Amis Des Oublies Email: ***

I'm Togolese ...
My name is c'est Amen young man 20,i am actually in Togo a small country in west Africa...I'm 1.65 et 75kg I have black eyes and hair some of my friends say that i'm cool and gentle man.I look forward and for the rest I love cooking, books and Football.I will like to write to everyone all over the world.
We don't know the futur i'm preparing myself to make a travel so i can be there.
So have a nice week and do nott forget to answer me.



i'm mario 24 years
Togolese by birth and in heart
i work as an assistant in buissness administration in a local industry
I was actually looking for english speaker in togo
to practice my english
so feel free to send me messages

Goodmorning my names are AlmaTingwei i am a post Graduate student and a growingprenup.

I will love to have friends from Togo

Mr  Chocolate, don't worry will love to teach u how to speak English  but i  want to come down to Togo but i  have no friends or Relatives  there please  can you help or better still we can talk better on WhatsApp thank you very much.

Hello guys my name is s Lord Schofield my parents mum from Togo and dad from Ghana grew up in London moved to the state and now wants to settle and start doing something back home planning to come to Togo for vacation but really know nothing about my home town looking for a friend to perfect my french and also get to know more about my home town when I arrive open to conversation and also to learn.

@Aurélie Hello am new here please, I want to move to Togo so I want to know how to rent a cheap house in Togo okay

Hi my name is dony

@ChocoBoyZ whatsapp me on ***

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Hi am Chantale, were you able to make it to Togo, and got started?  This is an old message but I just got it?