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About Togo

Togo takes up 56,785 square kilometres of land with almost eight million people. Forty different ethnic groups are residing in Togo ' Ewe, Kotokoli, Tchamba, and Kabyé to name just a few. Togo's official language (as well as the language of commerce) is French, but numerous African languages are spoken across the region such as Ewe, Mina, Dagomba, and Kabyé. Geographically, Togo is divided into three regions: Maritime Togo (the Atlantic coast that most travellers explore), Central Togo (the quiet and less visited forested part of the country), and Northern Togo (the home of Kabye people). Lomé is the country's capital and largest city while Sokodé, Kara, Atakpamé, Palimé, and Bassar are other big cities.

Thanks to the region's achieved political stability, the country is experiencing a steady economic growth. The infrastructure has undergone major improvements ' roads, a new airport, and port have significantly simplified travel in the region. Togo's economy still relies heavily on subsistence and commercial agriculture, which employs over 60% of the population. Cocoa, coffee, and cotton are Togo's main exports.

Togo is gaining popularity among travellers for its pristine natural diversity. The country offers beautiful quiet beaches on the Atlantic coast, lots of hiking and trekking routes, vast savannahs, and lush green forests. Some of the prime attractions are Lake Togo, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Koutammakou, Fazao Malfakassa National Park, and Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve.

Residents of almost all countries in the world can get a visa on arrival in Togo. Citizens of 15 African countries can travel to Togo visa-free. If you do not come from one of the visa-exempt countries or can't obtain a visa on arrival, you will need to apply for a visa in advance at one of Togo's diplomatic missions.

Quick Information

Official Languages : French , Ewe , Hausa
Currency : Franc
Area : 56785 Km2
Population : 6587239
Calling Code : +228
Timezone : Africa/Lome

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