Schooling in guyana

hey,thanks to Christine for welcoming me into this house.
My question is about Texila American University,i was offered admission into the school and now i just want to know how real the school is,will be glad if you can help me with this so that i can prepare and come in.                                   
my kinds regards.

Hello sese2kg.

Welcome to! :)

Hope you'll soon get some replies from other members.

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Hi Sese2kg,
I have also been offered admission into TAU.In fact I have paid part of the fees and I hope to join the next intake. I am of the opinion that TAU is a good university and am glad that there is a prospective Nigerian student with whom I can share opinion about the school.

I'm also thinking of schooling in Texila hopefully by march...please ild be grateful to get details about the school ,how good it is and thier surroundings.

I m planning to join tau in September pls can you tell me if d school is good.