Making friends in ibiza

Hello all, I am new to Ibiza and to this blog, so it might take me a while to find my way around.
I am living near San Hose on the south west coast of the island and it is, beautiful .... but am finding my self a little isolated, I have found out the there are a lot of english speaking people in Santa Eullaria but its rather a long way to go !!!
Would love to hear from anyone around :), especially for the winter as so many people seem to leave the island.
I hope I manage to post this !

Hello carlathompson.

Welcome to! :)


I'm from Ibiza Es canar

Hello Jose tur -> A longer introduction please? :rolleyes:

Thank you,

i wish i was from here im from america and want to live in ibiza at least part time im  staying two months  and id like to meet new people also- im an artist  staying in santa euallua  id like to share cabs to sansara and las  dallas  stuff like that or share fuel costs  to go around the island  im here to show a gallery some of my painting s and to relax

Awww shame i missed you , i am an artist , clothing designer and have just returned from mooching around Ibiza , i was on my own too , i would be interested in moving and was thinking I'd just stay for 3 months to see how it went , so let's stay in touch as i will def return one day and look at houses , flats , would love to share with someone ...may i ask how much rent you are paying and for what? Rachelle

Have you tried ? Go to discuss ------ type in Ibiza _____ and there's loads of groups and loads of people , maybe if you are feeling isolated you can host people ?

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