settling in Minsk Belarus

Can anyone help me?

I like belarus so much.i want to come to minsk and live there forever.Yaaar please provide some answers for my following questions

1.I am coming to belarus on one year business residence permit.what is the total cost of living in minsk per month?

2.i dont know the language of belarus.Can they understand english language? can i start a small stall business in minsk flea markets? can i get the citizenship of belarus? much money i need to settle there?

Please answer these questions and help me in settling there.


Muhammad Misbah Uddin

Looking to rent an apartment for a month worth of U.S. 200-500. The Belarusians speak in Russian. English will not help you. Look for people who can help you to know English. Business in Belarus depends on what will be engaged. Now the country's fragile economy. Beautiful girls!)

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