Wester TV Channels

Hi All,

I recently moved to Minsk, I am looking for a Satellite TV service that broadcasts various English speaking channels like National Geographic, Discover Channel, BBC, Sky News, and various Hollywood Movie Channels.

Your help would much appreciated,


Not sure if the Sky satellite system actually goes that far without a massive dish to receive it.  Probably best to ask a local satellite company if the reception is possible; might be easier via the internet and use a VPN connection to the country you want to watch; it's doable, I do it like that.  You'll need a decent internet connection to stream on though.

Alright Thanks, have you heard of NTV plus?


No, I haven't; I just checked their Wiki page and there didn't seem to be a lot of English language content (maybe it's old?). 

The only things I can offer is; in my experience/opinion:

1. The European Sky Content is not the same as the UK.
2.  BBC World News; if you want United Kingdom News, you'll be disappointed, they broadcast content relevant to the region they are transmitting to (and adverts!).

There are ways to get UK Sky abroad, but you won't get it from Sky; I have no idea whether it's possible in Minsk, but perhaps a chat with a local satellite installer will tell you.

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