The other side of the Belarusian postcard


As a tourist in a foreign country, very often, we are enchanted with what we discover.

Living abroad is different. It's a rich experience but there are also some difficulties to face.

When people ask me for advice on living abroad, I then tend to say that one should also look at both sides of the postcard.

As an expat in Belarus, how would you describe the two sides of your Belarusian postcard?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


Hi Julien,

Great to hear from you and for your interest in my experience about Belarus.

I would simply say its a beautiful country with so many beautiful and friendly people. I am living in Minsk and everywhere you go in Minsk is safe and no has every bothered me so far. Some friends did told me to be aware of some racist behavior but I have to say so far I have never experience any such things.

If you are interested in knowing about Minsk, I have read a great article by Viktar Martsinovich ( … tals-16858) Its a great article and describe Minsk very well.

I have been traveling since 2008 on my job and seen so many places and I would have to say Minsk is the best that I have found so far.


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