Visa - Living in Belarus

Hi All
I am slightly repeating the question posted by fdlyerb51.

I would like to move to Belarus with my wife (who is from Belarus) but I am finding it very difficult to locate the answers to what we need to do.

Is there a specific visa? Are there additional costs to the government involved? etc. etc.

If anyone has any information that would be useful it would be appreciated.


A guy I know in your situation has what is called a green card. That is what you need to find out about.

Hi there,

I just went to Belarus and married my husband, we are trying to get him here to Canada.  However, originally I was going to move there for a year or more, and I talked to the Belarussian Embassy in Canada etc...and they said I can go there for three months and only my Husband could find out what to do next, they were kind of secretive about the process.  After he did some research he found out that typically you have to apply once your spouse is there on a visa (max three months) and it generally gets approved and you dont have to leave, rarely would they turn you down.  Thats how he understands it.

Hope that helps.  I was just gonna move there and take my chances, I couldnt see them turning me down, hardly anyone actually moves there, as opposed to trying to move out, from what I understand.

OH...and apparantly it is pretty easy to just become a Belarusian citizen if you live there and are married.  Nothing like the immigration process in Canada and the US.

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