Where to rent in Melbourne

My wife and I will be moving to Melbourne in May 2010 and are starting to determine where to rent a house.  We would like to rent outside of the city in a house which is relatively close to public transportation into the city.  We also love being outside, so parks would definitely be a plus.  Any ideas of city suburbs and how much it would cost a week for a 1-2 bedroom house?

Thanks for your time!


Some suggestions:

Albert Park is more of an inner-urban area, has a huge park with lake, is close to the beach and is very nice. Quite expensive though as it 'has everything' http://tinyurl.com/yjzyyqm

Another option would be the suburbs running along the bay - these start out inner-urban but become more suburban (cheaper with bigger blocks) as you get out to Mordialloc, Mentone etc. The beaches all along the bay have a train line to the city but also have walking/cycling paths & provide a venue for outdoor pursuits.

Another option would be the eastern suburbs - generally have plenty of parks, bigger houses on bigger blocks and if you pick one on a train line, you'll be fine to get to the city. The trams are nice but they take *forever* to get to the city from the suburbs!

I'm happy to answer any questions on suburbs that might come up!

The eastern suburbs tend to have public parks and good access to public transportation.

Example of Beach Suburb - Mordialloc (close to train & beach walking/bike tracks) http://tinyurl.com/yjg3mz9

Example of Eastern Suburb - (eastern side is nowhere near the beach, just a quiet, suburban part of Melbourne with access to trains & parks) http://tinyurl.com/yzxjhhg (search along the Box Hill train line)

If you post more details I can help further eg. how long a commute would you be happy with; 'young professional' area or more of a suburban, family area; type and age of housing you are after etc.

tough decision as there are many factors affecting rental cost per suburb. based on my experience, port melbourne is fantastic: close to the beach, close to the city, close to pubs, hotels, casino, etc, but quiet at night so you can have a good night's sleep. a little bit on the expensive side though.

currently i live in glen waverley. less expensive than port melbourne but close to parks, shopping centre, public transport, hospital, etc. glen waverley is in the southeast and is the heart of the south-eastern suburbs. to give you an idea, the cost of our 2 bedroom flat (with 1 carpark) in port melbourne was slightly dearer than the cost of our 3 bedroom townhouse (with 2car garage and medium garden) in glen waverley.

we zeroed in on the location of our abode base on where our work is. in both cases, my husband and i travel for less than 10 mins drive to work. in face, it's just him who drives, i walk.

best of luck with house-hunting.


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All the best.

Thanks for the information.  This is a little more information about us.  We are both 27 and have two dogs.  We will be arriving in late April and will have 2 weeks to find a place to rent before I start work in the CBD.  We will have a consultant help us find a place and show us around to possible rentals.
What my wife and I really need to focus on are specific areas around Melbourne which would be about a 30-45 minute commute to the city, preferably on public transport to narrow it down.  We of course would love to be near some parks or outdoor activity areas as we have two dogs.  I would not say that we are really picky.  I have heard that Port Melbourne can be expensive, so we would probably rule it out, especially w/ the dogs.

  Also, does anyone have any advice on renting versus buying furniture as well will only be in Oz for 2 years?  Thanks for all your help!!!!

Although you live in OZ for just 2 years, still I think you had better buy the furniture. You can sell back anyway. Also, I think there is no place you can rent furniture unfortunately. I know 'Radiorental'-they rent white goods.

In any suburb area,you will find a park easily in melbourne. Eastern/southern suburb are better than Western.
Out of northern areas, east side is good - Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Macleod, Rosanna(I used to live here), Eltham, Doncaster...
If you do not bother about train fee, Doncaster is also really good and handy place to leave...

Good luck

Hi, My husband and I are planing to go overseas next year for a year or so and leave our house on rent as a furnished place. The house is located near plenty of park space for your dogs and is a 30 min train trip to the city. Send me an email if you are [email protected]

Could someone talk about average prices for an economical rental in Melbourne or Sidney?
Something not expensive but suitable for Father, Mother and two lovely babies 3yo and 1yo.

I will appreciate your comments about how expensive is live in Australia.

Similarish to the couple featured here, we're moving to melbourne for 2 years and have a 2 year old. I'm also preggers. So we need to find a house to rent with at least 3 bedrooms so that family can visit.

We live in a beautiful isolated rural location in england so I'm really not keen on living in the city (did london for 10 years) and also not mad keen on an estate-type suburb. On the other hand, we need to meet people and my husband doesn't want to be too far to commute from the CBD - 45 mins max.

Can anyone suggest the best place to live, as really confused. We have visited so are familiar with the general geography. We can afford about 450 a week max.

Also wonder about tenancy references: we have had our own house for 5 years in the UK so can't get landlord references. What do landlords need in terms of references? heard this is really difficult.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions

Jenny and Simon

Thanks for your reply Jenny. I'm sure you'll find there are loads of things to do for you and the little one/s once you get out there. My husband was on a project in Geneva last year when I was still on maternity leave so the 3 of us moved over. I knew nobody but within one week I had arranged to meet 3 different mums (English as my french is rubbish!) via various expat websites and from then on I got invitations to various groups and mummy meetings. I am not normally the pushy, overly socialable type but in the expat world it is par for the course and I am so glad we did those few months in Geneva as it showed me you can make friends anywhere if you put your mind to it.
On a more practical note, I was doing a bit of research on the general cost of living etc and I was quite suprised at how expensive Melbourne is (not just housing but also food, clothes and cars etc) have you found that??
When do you actually move? We are looking at end of August as baby's due end of June so any earlier just isn't practical?