Going to Melbourne Australia, need help regarding accomodation

Hello everyone,

I have received a fellowship from Australian education ministry and to avail the same I need to fly to Melbourne Australia in June, 2015 and will be staying there for 6 months. I am going alone and the Institute is not providing accommodation so I need to arrange for the same.  I was just wondering if there are Indian communities who provide rooms/as paying guest so that I may contact them and arrange for my stay in advance. Alternatively I may also prefer some reasonable flats which may be in sharing/separate with some Indian female. Please help me regarding this if you any information, or any thing else you may suggest in my condition.

Thank you so much


Hi Shalini -

Melbourne Australia is home to many Indians, and I think you will feel quite at home there.

I would suggest you do a basic google search to find information regarding Indian communities and any associated accommodation -- I know there are sites dedicated to this, but I don't know of them offhand.



Try this website www.everythingindian.org   or as Advisor21 has stated a Google search.