Good locality for residential and schooling-Melbourne suburbs

We are new to Melbourne and browsing lot of sites for best and economically viable residential area with good schooling in any one of the suburb of Melbourne.
We are from India.Our 1st daughter is in 6th & 2nd one is 4th grade.Please advise and share your experience...

Siva :|

Hi Siva,

We moved to Melbourne three months ago and our children are in grade two and three. We wrote a blog post about our experience, maybe this will help you:


Good luck!

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I am finding it difficult to express my happiness.Searching for some special words in dictionary.

This blog  is like a vitamin tonic for a weak person!!!!Appreciate your efforts .Superb blog for new comers like us.

We lived in Dubai for the past 10 years with all employer provided facilities like furnished apartment,car with fuel,bus transport allowance for our kids,yearly air ticket for self and family up to our native place with 1 month paid leave.

As you know in this part of world,you have to go back to your native country one day after serving so many years professionally  for a company without holding free property(of course with so many expensive rides) and passport of serving country.Our dream destination was Australia.

If we have any doubts,may be we will trouble you in future.Also eager to meet your family once landed in Melbourne.
Thanks alot once again.
Siva :)
Note:We are arriving to Melbourne on 16.1.2016.Booked service apartment in South Yarra for 2 weeks.Pray for us.

Sorry they remove the link europe 2 australia link, hard to understand

I will get in contact somehow

Bye Camilo

Our link has been removed. You can go to our website/blog ( see link on the left hand side} and go to the tips tab in the top navigation. There you can read about our experience of moving with children.