Renting in Melbourne with Pets

Hey everyone!  My wife and I are thinking about moving to Melbourne in May of 2010.  We have two wonderful dogs that will be making the trip with use for about two years before we return back to the US. One that is 70 lbs and one that is 20lbs.  From what I have read, there appears to be a large pet population in Melbourne.  If we make the move, we will have a home search reprentative help us find a place, but I just wanted to throw out the question about the quantity of homes available for rent?  We definitely do not mind living a good ways outside of the city business district either since we currently do that now in Atlanta, GA.  Any help our guidance would be greatly appreciated.



It's good that you have a representative who will do the home search for you. Rental market in the recent months are not promising. There's a lot of adverts but not much moving. About 2 months ago, I read on the papers that the rental availability is only 1%. It's starting to ease up now though, and I don't know the current figures. So don't lose hope. You still have more than half a year to find your perfect home.

Wow, that is some pretty scary statistics, hopefully it will turn around.  Thanks for the info!