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Hi! Im thinking of moving to Quito in December in order to look for a job teaching English. I currently live in Argentina and speak fluent spanish, but i am from the US. Does anyone have any idea of how much I can expect to make and how much you generally spend monthly? also, is there a lot of need for english teachers??

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Do not hesitate to post an advert in the section Jobs in Quito, it may help.


You are looking at $2-4 per hour and most likely part-time, this rate even full time would be barely enough for month living. The market is overwhelmed: every native speaker is looking to be a "teacher", its like trying to get a job teaching Spanish in US, but, on the positive side, English schools/institutes are everywhere. So, if you are good at getting jobs in general, you'll get one.
Good luck!

There are English teaching jobs at many of the private schools and the pay is good (around $2,000 a month). Here are some schools to check out:  Colegio Alberto Einstein, Cotopaxi, Colegio Menor, The British School, Colegio Aleman, Liceo International, Sek, etc.

look, amyf, do NOT misinform people. They will come here with hopes for $2000 per month jobs. $2000 per month in Ecuador is an equivalent to, let's say, 150K job in US. Are there 150K jobs in US? Yes. Can you get one? Most - no. Are there $2000 per month jobs in Ecuador? Yes. I personally know people (Ecuadorians) working for $2000, $3000 per month, but there is a story behind EVERY ONE of them, and the story is SOLID CONNECTIONS. There is no promotion/hiring by merit in this part of the world. If you don't know anybody, NOBODY will pay you that much. I know English translators and University English professors who can barely speak English, and NOBODY cares.
At the same time, I don't want it to be a discouragement. Come here, get your legal status, LEARN Spanish, speak it fluently, and GET TO KNOW PEOPLE!!! - otherwise you'll be offered basic positions even if you are Einstein himself.
THAT'S THE TRUTH!!! How do I know, you ask... I'm not retired, I know if firsthand.
Good luck to all

3lckr- Wow, I do not feel I am misinforming people- I work at one of the schools listed and they hire new teachers each year. Also there are International School job fairs all over the world where these schools attend to hire foreign teachers.
I'm not retired either...
Why does everyone want to argue on these forums? I was just offering the names of schools to check out and many of them are hiring right now. And yes, that is what they pay.

No offense, you had good intentions, I understand.

Now, just to set the facts straight, I made some inquiries. Here we go...
To work in some reputable colegios like the ones mentioned, you MUST have a relevant education (a "titulo" as they call it here). If you don't have it, you work there illegally. English teachers in one of the best colegios in Quito ("ecuadorian-americans" native speakers) earn $1200 per month and they said that $2000 per month it is an impossible number.
All this, not to mention that you must speak Spanish to some degree, and nobody's sure if colegio would sponsor a work visa, but probably they could.
$1200 per month is a decent salary in Ecuador, which many Ecuadorians would kill for (just kidding...... maybe not....)
Now, tell me if I'm wrong...

I worked at one of the colegios mentioned and the foreign teachers make $2,000 a month-  yes, you have to be a certified teacher (most have Masters degrees- I have a doctorate). They give the foreign teachers a Cultural Exchange Visa (which can be renewed every year- perhaps up to 6 years or more). Most of the foreign teachers got the job by going to a job fair (mainly in US and Canada). I got the job by emailing them and having a Skype interview. The Ecuadorian teachers (and those with a Residency Visa) make half of what the foreign teachers make (totally unfair but true).
This is my experience at the school I worked at for a year and a half- actually, just quit though  :)

You can contact me... I have an Ecuadorian friend that currently works teaching English here... She is realiable and warm...

Yes, we have been visiting schools in the area.  Foreign teachers get more in Ecuador.   2-3x more I hear then Ecuadorians.

Also tuitions at these schools are much more too.   Hence they can adopts it.

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good luck

I have an Ecuadorian friend that currently works teaching English here... She is realiable and warm, you can contact her...

Kindly send me her contact . I am in need of teaching job from Nigeria

Kindly send the contact of your friend

You would be much better advised to find accommodation with a good stable internet connection and teach English online.  As a US citizen you would have a lot of options, I have heard Qkids is one of the best (I am from UK so I can't work for them), also heard good things about VIPkid and MagicEars.  The hours will be a little unsociable but you would only need to work 3 hours a day to get a good income.

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