Dentists in Caracas

I'd like to know if it is easy to find a good dentist and also how expensive it is, i guess a comparison from the UK would be helpful as dentists in most countries are expensive


It's easy depending on how many here you know.... :) Don't know if it's expensive though.

Hello, Medical procedures here are very inexpensive I can give you lots of comparisons to the USA and Canada, but I am sorry I can not relate to the UK price wise. Regarding Dentists in particular the quality of work is very good, you may be concerned about many things here but good medical should not be one of them. I had a crown break on me and needed to have a root canal done, which required the installation of posts and then a white crown. In Bolivares it cost me 1,200Bsf or about $250.00 Canadian, or if you are currency wise here, using the black market you can convert $120.00 Canadian to 1,200Bsf. The choice is entirely yours. The work was above average and took 1 week to complete with a total of 3 visits to the Dentist. The Dentist I went to here in San Cristobal is someone I would recommend to anyone before any Dentist I ever had in Canada.

For other medical procedures they are also very inexpensive. A tomography exam of your head costs about $75.00 here, Cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement is about $1,500.00. Ozone treatments for low back pain, bad knees, carpul tunnel and more are basically free. Multi-focal eye glasses with frames $160.00. These prices are in Canadian dollars using Bank rates. Hope that helps out a bit. Blessings!

Thanks a lot, this is very complete and useful info - I am not always sure about dentist's work in the UK but seem to have found a decent one before heading off, enjoy your time in San Cristobal.

Glad it helped a bit. Life in Venezuela is getting noticeably harder in the 13 months I have been here. Violent crime is on the rise and the election is in the near future. It is a mixed bag here, some are concerned enough about the election they have moved their lives and families across the border to Colombia to await the results and possible demonstrations and others are just sitting and waiting. It is very typical here, there is a lot of apathy, but the land is so beautiful, rich with culture and many many health benefits. If you are coming, things to remember, good quality mosquito spray, Dengue is very bad here, I have lost 4 friends in my time here. A good self defense course is a good thing, not to use, but to make you aware of what to look out for, any person on a motorbike is a potential threat. If you are coming for a short visit pack toilet paper as it is crazy expensive here. 45Bsf for 4 rolls or just over $10.00US.

Wishing you well in your travels. I will be here for about 3 - 4 months longer and then I am heading for peaceful Ecuador. Chao mi amor.

I would like to suggest you to find dentist through which provides the facility to search by state, zip-code as well as by category. Nothing is simpler than it.

That would be great, but I do not think that would help this person who is looking for a Dentist in Venezuela. From what I can see, this service is not even available in  Canada. However, if I ever go back to the USA I will keep that in mind.

That's right sir. Thank for the reply. I will soon suggest any other service to that person.