Need help finding apartment

Hi I am travelling to Caracas and need to find apartment can someone suggest where I can search and how much should I expect to spend in rent.

Thank you

Hello roxyrivers.

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You can try to post an advert in the housing in Caracas section. It can help.

Good luck in your research,

Hi! You might find something here:

Depending on your budget, I could recommend you a real estate agent.

Hur kan jag hjälpa till ??

kikika wrote:

Hur kan jag hjälpa till ??

I think nobody is gonna understand you in swedish :)

Hola a todos,

Llevo pocos meses en caracas y busco un alquiler de máximo 8000 bsf
de 2 habitaciones en el centro de caracas preferiblemente en la zonas de la candelaria, puede ser amoblado o sin amoblar.
Abstenerse de cobrar por verlo.


hi all,

IŽm looking for a apartment in caracas, maximum rental bsf 8000
2 room apartment in the center of Caracas preferably in the areas of Candelaria can be furnished or unfurnished.
refrain charging to see the apartment.


Hi nativo2050,

Kindly post in English as you are on an English speaking forum.

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