looking for authentic canada agency in taiwan

What available work in jicc now?

How much down payment at JICC?can u give me the contact number?.I have Already an apply the other agency.but I want to try JICC....thanks

How much down payment?my agency 40k n.t ....but until now I don't have employer....

Ask my know 245k n.t....

What agencies did you apply mam?

Maybe you apply ggtcc. I want to apply jicc also.

Hi darlinchu,

No need to create several post for each question.. If you are looking for recruitment agencies you can view this page in the business directory :  https://www.expat.com/en/business/asia/taiwan/1_jobs/

I found the contact of JICC on google: 

Phone: ​02-25153286 / 02-2515-3293
Fax No.: 02-25158352

Email: ​jicctocanada[at]yahoo.com
​Facebook: jicctw2009yahoo.com

Address: Section 6F-6, No. 36, Min Sheng East Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan

Thank you.

There is an agency in the WonWon tower on Zhong-Shan N. Rd. near the St. Christopher's Church. You should also check online to see there are any with an office in Canada.

:)  you still in Taiwan now ?

Yes. You're welcome to contact me on Line: hauthomme.


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hello...I'm working here in Taiwan and looking for authentic agency to canada.
Anyone can help me...

Go to the WonWon building near St. CHRISTOPHER'S church on Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 2. There is one there on the 2nd floor.

hello everyone..,. anyone could help me how to find a job in canada.or any agencies that help me how to go there.im here now in doulio,taiwan....i want to go there.but i dont know how....please help me....thank you.....

Hi! can i ask if where is the exact location of JiCC in taiwan? how much is the estimated amount for the processing fee? thanks

If you are working as a caregiver in Taiwan with a college degree then you have a chance, otherwise... but once one gets in Canada it's now so much easier to get immigrant status.

Im looking for AGENCY here in Taiwan for work in Canada,,,...
my skills is Driving,
                   Machine Operator
Im 26 yrs old,,,
plss,,help me to find,,
thankss a lot


Good day to you my friend :)  would you mind if you have any idea here in Taiwan an Agency job for Canada..,??

congrats my friend,, :thanks:

Instead of looking for an agency try contacting a job site in Canada online.

Google "job site in Canada" and u will see many options.

im looking for an authentic agency that can help me working in canada. thank you!

hi I'm looking for an employer offering a job in canada. can you help me with that?thank you

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