Getting married in Denmark

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Hi guys
Me a citizen of Tanzania want to get into a civil partnership in Denmark. My significant other is a British citizen. I am doing this because I find it relatively easier to get married in Denmark as to get married in UK. Since no special visa is required and a lot of easier conditions
I need to go through this as quick as possible will least possible hassle. I wont spend more than a week in denmark to get married. So what is your advice for me. Which Kommune or which way is the quickest and hassle-free.
Not: I do not intend to remain, live, or acquire citizenship in Denmark it is just a marriage visit.

Thank you

Hi, I am Serge from Holland. I want to marry my Peruvian girlfriend in November. Denmark seems to have the friendliest rules to do so. However, a residence permit from an European Union country is obligatory. Since she is working in Peru now, and will come over for marriage (after which I'll join her in Peru), this is a bit confusing: what forms of valid residence permits from an European Union country do exist?

My latest information is that a stamp in her passport that provides a 90 day entrance to all Schengen countries will do. Since 2016 Peruvians do not need a visa any more, so she will get Schengen entrance by arrival in the EU.

My question: is a 90 days EU entrance stamp in her passport a valid residence permit for marriage in Denmark?

Much obliged for your interest!

Serge and Kathy  :)

What can be better than asking the authorities themselves? Then you will be guaranteed a 100 % correct up to date answer.

There are 98 municipalities in Denmark. Just ask the municipality where you want to be married.


Hi Nellie!

That is a better idea than calling the Danish embassy in the Netherlands I guess. The woman I spoke there did not even know Peruvians get Schengen entrance without a visa these days. Then she asked why I did not get married in the Netherlands, and when I explained her Dutch immigration laws are much tougher than the EU laws, she refused to believe that. Since she was about to destroy my idea of Danish people as smart, friendly and professional, I hung up the phone.

Since we will arrive by plane, Copenhagen seems the most logic choice. So I will google the contact for the municipality of Copenhagen.

Thanx 4 your answer! :)

Serge & Kathy

Hi Serge

I agree with you that the employee at the embassy is a bad representative for Denmark.  As it has become pretty common for foreign couple to be married in Denmark, she ought to know the rules, but as she obviously doesn't, she could have offered you to find out.

I'll suggest to you that you contact the municipality of Copenhagen. They are experts in foreign marriages. … dlaendinge

The website is:

I hope you'll get a satisfying answer, but else you are very welcome again.

I wish you a long and merry life together.


Dear Nellie

Thanx 4 your support, you just saved my high esteem of Danish people.  Also the contact of the municipality of Copenhagen comes in very handy: it saves part of my "homework" for tomorrow :)

The answer on the obligatory residence permit from an European Union country I kindly received from It appears that the 90 days Schengen visit passport stamp my gf receives when entering the EU is sufficient.

There are quiet some agencies like that facilitate marriages in Denmark these days. However, although their help could come in handy, their prices can be steep. Therefore it would be interesting to check with the municipality of Copenhagen if such services are recommendable, or can be done without.

And last but not least, thanx 4 your good wishes, that we would like to return, as shared good wishes are double good wishes :)

Serge & Kathy

I would save my money to the wedding agencies for better purposes and use the authorities free service. I am confident that you can find something else to spend your money on. (Else let me know, and I'll start my own agency in a hurry and should be glad to welcome you as my first customers.  ;) )

It has become quite widespread to be married in Denmark. E. g. the island Aeroe has made a business out of wedding packages for tourists. More than 10 % of the tourist income is due to this new and growing industry. As Aeroe similar to all the other small Danish islands has economic problems, this industry is of great help for them. By the way, Aeroe (:Ærø) is a very beautiful little island with its idyllic 'capital', Ærøskøbing. If you had gone for a romantic summer wedding, I would absolutely have recommended this island for the purpose, but in November, I would also choose Copenhagen.

Please, share your experiences here on the forum or in a private message to me.


Hi I hope you are still using this site I really need your help maybe you camps give me some advice hope to hear from you soon tnx ...

First of all, you shall read about familyi unification here: … pouses.htm
You can also find the contact address to the authorities if you have further questions.

Do take into consideration that being an au pair is no shortcut to permanent residency and family reunification. The terms are administrated very strictly so this isn't the way.


Hi, you have more questions than I can answer I am afraid. :) Also, I do not really understand your situation: you mention getting married to a Danish boy, but then mention the embassy of Norway (in Sri Lanka I guess?).

Anyway, this I can tell you: Danmark is the easiest place to get married in Europe in most situations. Certainly in case of marrying a non-European. The marriage certificate is valid worldwide, especially when you get one with the apostolate stamp.

If you are not only planning to get married but also want to live in Denmark, the situation is slightly different as ours, so I can not tell you. We only got married in Copenhagen and will apply for a residence permit in Spain (my wife is from Peru).

However, best of luck!


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Thank you,

Priscilla team

Hello I'm Catherin from Colombia, I'm in Denmark as an au pair, my boyfriend and I plan to get married in November; but my au pair contract was terminated earlier by the host family.

I would like to know if I have to leave Denmark because my au pair visa is not active or I can stay as a tourist the 90 days to be able to do the process of marriage and family reunification.

Thanks for the help

You can always ask the authorities about the rules in your special case, and I'll advise you to do so.

I add these links so you know a little more (the duty of informing the authorities when an au pair stay is terminated) and the papers about family reunification. … nation.htm … pouses.pdf


i have recently moved to denmark and learning about the amazing culture

I have Italian asyulm papers but my asylum case is yet to decide,and according to Italian law still I  can travel to EU without visa up to three months.

So my question is,,Can I also marry to my girlfriend in Denmark  with below mentioned papers?

I have 1 year permisso di sigorno, Carta di identity Italia, personal passport .


I will wait for your replys.

Hello my friend

Not sure if you will read my comment but I hope you will and you answer me

I am also an Algerian and my gf from Poland

I am in France now
Can I come and marry in Denmark

Please help me bro what document I have to bring since we both Algerians

email me here: ***

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You can read about the necessary documents here:

The rules will be the same all over the country, but I think that this homepage is very informative.


:) I think it is marvellous to get married in Denmark. So romantic!

Before you get married in Denmark read this book and then you will understand not to marry in Denmark

Libbie Bouffon
The biggest power pig wins: - on custody law, and how to protect yourself from the game

Can you please help me with some information?
I'm from Romania but living in Denmark for the last 8 years. I meet a girl from Morocco on internet on April last year, on February I was to Morocco for 2 weeks where we get engaged and now we are in a situation where we don't know what to do to be together here in Denmark. The laws are so complicated and I can't find a good solution how to do it. Do you have some helpful advices for us?

Hi Eva..I only have 48days on my visa.. would it be enough time to get married in Denmark?

It is enough. You can get married on a holiday if your papers are okay.

You can read about marriage requirements on the Copenhagener homepage, but you can be married also in all the other municipalities.

If the purpose is to get a permanent residency in Denmark, a marriage makes no difference.


Ohh a big help ..thank you so much it okay if my partner will only go first to kommune to apply for marriage?

You aren't the first Philippine who wants to marry a Dane why I advise you to search for more information on this site: Philippines marriage.

It seems that you shall have issued a certificate of marriage in the Philippines (an apostille), and this document you shall have when still in the Philippines.

Other Philippines will know more about this issue than I. I will therefore advise you to the Philippine authorities, and it will also be a good idea if your boyfriend goes to the local municipality here.

But again, a marriage in itself will not give you a residency, only a husband. If you don't meet the requirements (I understand you don't?) mentioned in, you'll not get a permit of residency, married or not.


I mean ..I can only stay in Denmark for only one month because that's the only time my employer allowed me to leave. I don't have any issues with the requirements.. what my concern is, if a one month period of time is enough to process our marriage.. thank you for responding.

It is more than enough.


Hellow.. I would like to ask if the cenomar and birthcertificate need to be a red ribbon? Or just an authenticated one?

Do ask your local authority which also will be the one to issue the apostille.

I also suggest that your partner contacts the marriage office here about the practical things, and I still find that you shall contact the municipality of Copenhagen. They will absolutely know what they need or not.

Then you'll get updated information about the current requirements. Due to many proforma marriages, it has become more restrictive to get married today. … -marriages


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