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Hi Ladies,

does anyone have a suggestion for a good gym in Riyadh? My friend and me would love to go in the evening time.
Hope to hear everyones opinion :)

Thank you,

Please check out: … en-in.html

Hi Alia,

Try this as it may be what you are looking for.

Yibreen Spa – located off Takhassussi Street (map is available on their
website Known as the place to relax and rejuvenate
both the mind and the body, in the most tranquil and serene setting.
offers a range of services covering Spa, Salon and Fitness together with
membership packages.

Tel:             +966 1 441 1115       email: [email protected]


I heard from a friend that some hospitals have gyms because of all the female nurses. I ll see what info I can find as I want to join a gym too.


Any gym in the area of exit 8??

Any gym in the area of exit 8??

There are several threads which you have posted/updated today. Seems you are really concerned :)

Exit 8, probably 'No'. Closeby....I heard there is a lady beauty saloon/fitness center close to King Sultan University (3kms from Exit 6). That will be closest to your place.

do you know the name?..cos the gym far away will be more expensive including the taxi, thanks TheLegendLeads

One friend was telling a long story & this was the only useful part :) Will check out and let you know.

Yes, the 'taxi expenses' is a valid concern for ladies in KSA. Ladies gyms are usually expensive and taxi charges on top makes over-all plan as almost double.

please, Thanks:)

any   ladies   gym   at   exit   28   near  al   jafal    hospital

any ladies gym in um-al-hamam

hi, I heard thats KORE Studios is a good Gym; the problem is its far from me, I need one near exit 8

Looking for female gym near king saud medical city

Have you thought of Al Manahil Club in diplomatic quarter. It is about 13 kilometers (15-20 minutes) from King Saud Medical City.

Thank you for your reply.Is that the closest gym i could find ?

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any other gym near your location.

Hi ,

We are looking to move to Riyadh shortly. For women willing to go the gym , what are the ways of getting to and from the gym for women  as they can't drive


Some gyms offer pick and drop otherwise you can use taxis.

I thought you are not allowed to travel without your husband. Is that correct

It is not correct

Dear Alia,
Last year I started a similar search. 2 gyms were recommended and after visiting them I decided to invest the money in my own equipment and Jillian Michael workout DVDs. Been a successful initiative.
Here are 2 reviews based on 1 year ago information.
1. Mutlaka women's center in Rabwa- very expensive 3 times the cost of my dubai gym 900sar per month. Small cardio studio can get hot and smelly if full. You pay extra for workout classes. Not a western gym so the crowd not for expat mingling.
2. Sheba. It's inside a women's salon in Olaya, 600 plus per month. Larger studio with wall mirror, looks decadent. There were no people on several occasions. I didn't wAnt to workout alone.

I do visit the 2 centers to get hair blow dry. The traffic in the centers are to the salon.

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