Any vietnamese living in mauritius?

Im from Viet Nam, working as an English teacher. I have a Mauritian boyfriend so im thinking about moving to live in Mauritius one day. But i really worry about what i can do there. I wonder if i can find any suitable jobs for a small asian girl like me:). I can speak English but not French. Im looking forward to receiving advice from local people, especially vietnamese lving there so that i can feel relaxed when i move there.
Please reply me.
Thanks a lot

Hi phuongtran!

Welcome to ;)


hi. i am vietnamese and have been here since 2010. i live in tamarin. lovely island.

english is widely used but french and creole will get you much farther. is your mauritian bf living in vietnam or is this a long distance.


Hi Truong,
Thank you so much for replying me. Im waiting for u so long.:)
My boyfriend is Mauritia and living there.
R u living there with your family? Which part of Viet Nam u from? Im from Nha Trang.
Is it easy to get a job there? What should i equip myself before coming there, except the language? Sure I will have to learn Frech.
Really need your advice and looking forward to get your message again.
Thanks again.

i am from saigon. and i am here alone.

how serious are you with your bf?

he is better off moving to vietnam to teach french/english than for you to come here

the population of mauritius is about 1.3 millions so it's not very populated.  unless you have a degree in finance or hotel/resort/spa experience it is quite competitive here.  of course if you have an insider that would also help.  but just dropping off your application at the front desk may not get you a job.

Nice to get your message again.
Better we send contact through yahoo so that it's easier for me to share with u in details.
This is my Id ***
Can I have yours?
Please reply me here or in yahoo.
Thank you

u can email me at xxx

Hello, are you living in Mauritius now?

Nope, I'm in Europe.  I was there a few months ago.

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Hi Truong,

Glad to hear that there are vnamese who live in mauritius. Are you still in mauritius?

Im also vnamese who moved to mauritius last year


Hi Phuong,

Im so happy to know there are vnamese who live in mauritius.

I just moved to mauritius laat year in 2016.


Hello. I am looking for Vietnamese who live in Mauritius and willing to share their experience. I am Mauritian and have been to Vietnam recently

Hi David,
There is some vietnames people actually living in Mauritius..

Here is the link for the group in FB
Vietnamese in Mauritius - Người Việt Nam ở Mauritius

You may join if you want.



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Dear Phuongtran
Can you reply me on ***
I am from Mauritius and need some information about your country.

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Dear David
I'm looking some information about Vietnam.
Thank You

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