Guide:Television/Cable Networks in KSA

Hi everyone.. 

well i wanted to give you a guide about the televsion networks which are available here

1. Orbit Showtime (OSN)on NileSat.  previously two separate networks Showtime Arabia and Orbit Networks.
it's considered the best and almost the only network which provide a variety of channels and Movies on Demand.

Packages and Channels :
the best package start from 244 and the Platinum at 356, there are other less packages too. 

Payments are monthly only if you have a credit card which i assume you have otherwise full payment for one year has to be paid in advance in cash for one year. you may find some local distributors who have 6 months cash subscription.

2. Al Jazeera Sports Channels (NileSat-Hotbird-BadrSat)
broadcast Football League and super cups of the following:
Spanish, Italian, French, Scottish, Russian,Argentinean, Japanese, Holland( Netherlands), Swiss,Brazilian, American.. and English Cup .. NBA - ESPN America

Most importantly it broadcast European Championship and League

Also the biggest even this summer which the Cup of European Nations which will fall in coming June.

Price: 75$ for new and 65$ subscription for channels from 1+ to 8+ / 3+ is English ..
channel 9+ / 10+/HD1/HD2 additional 50$  these channels broadcast events like cups so you need it if you are into football.

NBA /ESPN America /ESPN Classic  additional 12$ .. it's all yearly subscription and i consider it so cheap.. 

this is their site but i could find it in English

they also have a wonderful and great services that you could use.. Online Subscription
you could subscribe monthly or yearly

3. The third one is Abu Dhabi Sports Channels which Broadcast English Primer League for 399 SR satellite subs. … Price.aspx

they are also have online subs.. you can visit their link … 61,00.html

4. the last one is the cable subscriptions thru the home internet from STC and i wont recommended it because it's not up to the standards..  the only good thing about it is they have all of the three in one place.. with restriction of course .. check out their site

5. Pehla and Firstnet networks basically for Indians … i%20Arabia

hope this will help you out guys..


Thanx come2me - Will be helpful Info !!:)

saimans wrote:

Thanx come2me - Will be helpful Info !!:)

You're most welcome,

I hope so

Come 2 me

Awesome guide, almost completely clear... I have a situation though which you will hopefully be able to assist with. I have no phone line and cannot get a dish and contract etc because my iqama is being severely delayed. I do have a receiver box though and tv antenna which I receive many channels through. I do also have Internet. Is there a way that I can get good tv (mainly I would be looking for football) considering my situation?


I had OSN installed around 6 months ago. My installer said that I could get a chip to get ESPN America from Al Jazeera market. Any one have any info on this. I would like to get this chip before football season. Where is Al Jazeera Market?

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