Drinks on Friday?


We are a group of English speakers and Spanish speakers and we are going for some drinks and pizza on friday night, we usually go out after too.
If anyone is interested in joining us, and meeting new people, let me know.

heres the address

Almacén de Pizzas, Julián Alvarez 2491

hello, about what time and do you all sit at the same table how do I find everyone??? thanks

I think about 8.30ish, we finish class at around 8. we will all be sitting together yeah, just ask for the LVstudio group.

and the address is actually Fitz Roy 1994

hi guys, u still doing same plans for fridays?? I would like to join some day! most of the fridays i work till that time but i have a day off coming up on friday and maybe is a good chance to meet up. let me knw!

Sounds great! My husband and I will try to join in tomorrow night. Just to be sure, is the cross street Nicaragua? Thnx for organizing!

Hey tonight we are actually going to a jazz club, at Thelonious, the address is Salguero y Gueme, our class finishes at 9 i think so well be there just after that, its a 50 peso cover, but its a girls birthday so should be a good night. anyones welcome to join in the classes too.

What are these classes u speak about? Thnx. :)

Spanish conversation, we do it every friday then go out for drinks or food after, so some regulars and some fresh people every week, also locals as theres an english convo class at the same time.

That's great! Can anyone join these classes? Is there a cost? What time is that and where? Thnx!!

Its at Lvstudio in palermo, from 7pm to 8pm, its 20 pesos, but they also have a free one on weds in the afternoon. Im pretty sure anyone can just come. The address is darregueyra 2394.

hi guys good to hear from u. Actually i work till midnight everyday and i have rotative days off so maybe i can join next week.
I have sat and sunday off, anyone has a plan?? I donŽt!! I dnŽt wanna stay at home!!

Sounds good! I'll try to join tonight! Thnx!

Hi noe_jbj. You mentioned you work till midnight, but are you free weekday mornings/early afternoons? I live near the zoo in Palermo Botanico. Maybe we can meet for a coffee or something. I have nothing to do weekdays. :)

Hi newEllie, see, I work from 4pm to O. and I have 2 days off, this week sat and sun, next fri and sat and so on. It is near the Dot Shopping mall, anytime u want we can meet for a coffe, I Žd be glad!

I don't yet know my way around buenos aires. Where is dot shopping mall? I'm getting multiple locations on my map. Thnx.

Btw, u can email me directly at [email protected]

Hi!Do you still have the same plan for fridays nights??
Have you already go to Fusion?? It is a pub in a hostel (Florida y Corrientes)

Hi guys! Are you still around! I would very much like to joing you!!!

hey! are you still going out? I'd like to hang out with you guys!

I'd love to go :)


Please let me know in same kind of parties in future.