Places for sports fun in Cambodia

Hello all,

I'm a new comer, very nice to see you all here.
I do like sports and interested to discover any places in Cambodia for various kind of sports. Have you experience for this?

Thanks for your involvement.


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What kind of sports do you like?

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Hello Christine,

Thanks for your help, actually I and my colleagues interest to have various of sports together each month. I don't mind any sports, I would rather much appreciated with whatever you recommend me.

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Check the "Human Rights Kickboxing", thee is a facebook page, really good fun

Hey !

You can go to the Olympic Stadium (getting busy around 4pm).
There'll be many people playing volleyball, football, basketball, tennis ...



Thanks for all comments,

[at]Mariette: "Human Right kick boxing" sounds interesting.But I think it will need times to regularly be trained. Anyways, thanks for your commends.

[at]Travelmic: I often do runing at Olympic stadium as well. However, we are available only in the evening. Only special place for expert to practice sports at that time. eg. Badminton Federation.

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