Sihanoukville, anybody?

Any advice for a trip to Sihanoukville?

what you want to know about sinville,,  so far all I can say now is don't let tuktuk driver rip you off,,stay away from them,

sinville?  Is it a *bad* place?

Not really. It's a nice place surrounded by beaches

akoaysibrey wrote:

what you want to know about sinville,,  so far all I can say now is don't let tuktuk driver rip you off,,stay away from them,

Good tip

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Any advice for a trip to Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is not a big place, you can explore it quite easily.
Victory beach can be nice and quiet, the town center is not too attractive, if you get a bike, you can go for some nice rides.

Food can be cheap and good and the guest houses are very good prices, Charlie Harper's out of season can be $100 per month plus electricity.

@p-p-s  Good info.  Thanks!

Not quite sure what you mean by advice but -

Places to visit/things to do - Ochheuteal Beach if you like to party; the beach bar at "Above us only Sky" resort at Serendipity beach is a great place for a quiet drink;Otres beach for a quiet getaway;Otres Markets after 4pm if you are here on a Saturday;the waterfall which while not all that spectacular is a great place to relax and get cool;Ream national park.Buy a drink and spend the day beside and in the pool at the Beach Club hotel in Tola st.Ochheuteal.
Nightlife - Victory Hill;Lion Plaza at Ochheuteal and of course Ochheuteal beach itself.

Places to eat - Depends on budget of course,good cheap eats can be found on Victory Hill,downtown particularly Charlie Harpers,Gday mate,Spaghetti House,Thida's and most of the beach shacks on Occheuteal/Serendipity beaches.
For more upmarket food - the new Smokies Bar and Grill in Occheuteal serves absolutely delicious food as does the Coolabah,Holy Cow near downtown,Flame on Serendipity beach road for great steaks.
Places to stay abound and only your budget will dictate where you stay.Ranging from dorm rooms in Utopia for around $2 a night to $100+ rooms at Independence Hotel.You can get good A/C rooms almost anywhere for around $20 high season.
Hope this helps you!

@hotd  Thanks.. very helpful!

I can also recommend the Reef Resort for great food! The owner, Tim, makes awesome baby back ribs, and a great rib-eye steak! The burritos are very tasty, and the subs are fresh, filling, and made to order. There is also a nice gelatto store in the old bus terminal complex, a few blocks away from the old market.
Do try the fresh cut pinapple on the beach, the vendor lady will cut it up in front of you, and it's delicious.
DO NOT eat anything fried at Otres, as few of the shacks have sanitation, and re-use the oil for months. I have tried the spring rolls 3 times, and gotten sick 3 times! You are warned!

Hi everyone... I'm new and reading the forum. Thanks guys! :)

I assume a tuktuk driver is a taxi?  And careful not to be ripped off?  Is this the go?

I'm not there yet but I want to head for the beaches - looks like a great relaxing lifestyle to me.


Kaz :)

can I rent a bike( scooter) and how much is cost a day or long term?

Moto rentals are available all over Sihanoukville. Average price is about $80 a month, tho they do rent daily for about $4-$6.
A tuk-tuk is a little covered jitney pulled by a moto. For $2 or $3, you can go anywhere in town. Be sure to bargan FIRST on the price. Once you get braver, you can get a moto guy to take you much faster for $1 or $2. Hope this helps!

Thanks MM888 for helping - what a tuk tuk is and the prices.  :)

THX a lot

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