Dirtbike across Cambodia

I am planning a 10-14 day dirtbike across Cambodia.

Im anyone has any experience in this I would appreciate it.

Or, If someone else wants to go, Leavin Monday 28th.


Hello Mike.

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Thank you,

Did it from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri, and back via Kratie. How did yours go? Would be up for cycling trips to Mekong delta.

Well it turned into 2& 1/2 weeks, I went to Laos, Then across to
Siem Reap then Battambang to Koh Kong thru the jungle    lol
That was 2 days just for that,  But I have some amazing stories
I cann tell u offlone 1 day,,, lol
I will Never take that part again  But Im glad I did..


Tell me more about Laos. How did you manage to go to Laos? I was told I can't cross over with a  bike more than 150cc.

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