Fellow kickboxers, Kun Khmer, Muay Thai in Siem reap. Want to train?

Hey all,

Despite loads and loads of searching, I have not been able to find a kickboxing / Kun Khmer / Muay Thai / English boxing club in Siem Reap.  Although there is one run by the military, I am still trying to figure if they will train westerners who just want to train for fitness, skills, etc as opposed to people wanting to compete (and whether they would bend over laughing at the idea of a western woman over 30 wanting to train!)   I am in Phnom Penh at the moment, but am relocating to Siem Reap for work for two years on the weekend.

So I am wondering if there is anyone in Siem Reap who wants to meet up to train.  I have one set of focus pads, gloves and shin pads.  I would be happy to go in on the purchase of a couple of bags, kick shields or Thai pads (they are all made in Thailand so shouldn't be expensive here), or even some basic exercise equipment to train with.  I have trained English boxing and kickboxing for a bit over a year and ran the beginner's class a few times at home in Melbourne so am happy to help out absolute beginners - although most people will be fitter than me in the Siem Reap heat!

If I can find enough interested people, I would be happy to search out a local Khmer trainer.

Any thoughts people?



I have been to Thailand the last three winters and this time i would like to try something different, cambodia feels interesting and genuine. I have been training more or less kickboxing for about 4 years and last three winters on my visits to thailand i trained there too, in chiang mai and bangkok. I work only at summer, from april until november, so i have about 5 month time to travel. If you find a decent gym in cambodia i would like to come there next november and train, minimum 1 month and if i like the training and life there maybe 3-5 month... tell me please if there is any gym around :)

Hey Marmaris, I have found a place that I am training at.  It is pretty basic, but the trainer is good (albeit limited English).  Don't expect what you get in the Thai places that cater to westerners.  If you are interested you can email me at Blixicat "at" google's email (don't want to get spammed so haven't put address in full)

Hi Jacqui,

I've just arrived in Siem Reap, staying here for a year.

Still here I hope?

I'm also looking for a place to train? No one could help me so far.

Are you still training at the same place?

Please let me know you can join me at davidovfischler at g...



Hey David, I have sent you an email.  Yes I am still training there regularly and now starting some Bokator, which is the more traditional martial art, as well as Kun Khmer (like Muay Thai). If you don't get the email, email me at blixicat /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\

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