Just moved to Haute-Savoie with wife!

Hi people,

We have just moved to Thonon-les-Bains. It is a permanent move for me, although my wife is French and her parents live in Thonon. We lived together in London for a couple of years but she convinced me to expatriate... that was'nt difficult mind, seeing that we married in Thonon town hall (Mairie) and we were getting fed up with the weather! Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone English out here know that I'm here and feeling a little alienated! My french is OK but still basic... lucky my wife speake excellent English I suppose (although that does make me lazy)

Bon courage mes amis!

Welcome to Expat.com Nicolas Gunner!


Hi Nicholas,
We just moved here too, although 2 years later than this post! Are you still in the area?

Hello I'm moving in 6 weeks time to a little village not too far from Thonon. Keen to have a few local friends to chat to & meet up with. Hx

hi nicolas we moved here a year ago. i am australian and my husband and kids are french too. we live in centre city, feel free to contact me whenever on 0760847808 maybe we could all do apero sometime :) tina

Hi Tina,

How old are your kids? My daughters are 3 & 1. I'm looking for activities for them in the Thonon area so we can get to know our new home and hopefully meet some other families. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks Helen

Wow my sons are 3 and 10 months old! Let me know when your around Thonon there is lots to do here In summer especially...my email is Tina underscore Lindsay @ hotmail dot com if you want to email anytime :)

What a coincidence! I've just sent you an e-mail to say bonjour! Looking forward to meeting you when we've moved over. Have a lovely summer. Hx