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We have decided to relocate to Annecy or any of the surrounding areas as we do need to be close to Annecy-le-Vieux since that is where our daughter will be going to school.
My wife is French and works from home and will be taking her job with her to France. I will be leaving my job of 17 years and will be starting again. At present my French is minimal and this is something that I will be working on.
We are looking to rent to begin with and there are plenty of properties to chose from.

My main concern is finding work. I don't expect to walk straight in to a job but would hope that after a few months I will be employed. I install computer cables at present and have all the kit to do this in France.
Can anyone share some knowledge of such a move and provide me with some insights on what to be aware of?

Thanking you in advance

I've been told that most folks seem to use head hunters, although it sounds like you could work for yourself. 

Folks who can work in Geneva earn a whole lot more than people who work in/around Annecy. 

There are near-free places to learn some French....not real structured like a class, but for the price....

You'd be fine living anywhere in Annecy because really walking or biking from where we live (edge of Annecy near Seynod) to ALV is easy.  But it is a tight market and finding a place to live can be a challenge.  (The best site is

I'm not eligible to work here so I can't really answer more there.

Hi there,

I have just come across your post and wondered how things are going for you after 12 months living in Annecy? We have been here 6 months and feel really at home, the summer has been amazing and I'm really looking forward to getting on the slopes in the next couple of weeks.

Hope all is good.


My name is Gael (short for Gabriel). A recent graduate from Regent's University London, as a Motion Graphics Designer, Graphic Designer, Animator and Filmmaker.

I currently live in London but have always planned to settle down somewhere in Annecy, and recently I have had the opportunity to do so. However I lack knowledge of city in terms of accommodation, future job vacancies, and just basic living. Therefore when I saw a few posts here on Expat including this one, I was attracted to comment in order to see if anyone would answer a few of the questions that I have about Annecy.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, we're an Aussie family moving to annecy next week. Would love to hear about the region.
We've also just bought a french car and must visit the prefecture to complete the registration process. Anyone had experience with doing that already in annecy?

How are things going?

Hi,  very well. Slowly driving our car around Provence. Ha! Heading to annecy this weekend. Really looking forward to settling there and making it home.
Are you in the area?

Hope you had a nice drive round provence ! We're moving to Annecy next month so would love to hear about how you've got on with the move in the next few weeks. Have a 2.5 year old so realise need to register in an area for schools and wondering which are the better areas?
Please keep me posted with any tips :)

Hi thanks for your message. Annecy is stunning. It snowed 2 days ago and the kids had so much fun making snowmen,
Not sure I can tell you much about the  areas yet. Its only been a few days and our kids are yet to start school. Where we are near the old town feels very safe and the streets and canals are beautiful.
I did make contact with one parent at Vaugelas who said the school has a very good reputation. Beyond that I can't say too much.
Good luck and stay in touch. Very happy to catch up when you arrive. Good luck with the packing!

Hey Kerrie,
Just landed in the area and would love to hear how you've settled.  Drop me a message if you'd be up for meeting up sometime :)

Hi, welcome to France!
Sorry for my slow reply. We went skiing on the weekend and are going to Paris on Wednesday so its pretty busy at the moment! We're loving it here.
I'm very happy to catch up and could maybe do tomorrow afternoon or next week sometime?

Hi, We are currently living up in Tignes but think we will relocate in the summer to Annecy. Our eldest is moving up to college, our other daughter is 8 so still has a couple of years of primaire to go.

Any contacts, tips on good places to live  / schools really appreciated.  But of a change of plan as we thought we were moving to Barcelona but that doesn't seem likely and we are keen to settle somewhere lovely longer term.

I hope it's all going well for you.


Yay - spent a fab weekend in Annecy. The kids were in love with it before we even got into town and were saying 'I want to live here'. The move is probably on... schools allowing (I will shortly be the expert on all things Annecy Schools!).  Still love to hear any recommendations for good neighbourhoods to live in.  THANKS

You should look for work in Geneva, you can commute and make a lot of money. Wages are far higher there. Loads of people commute from Annecy to Geneva. You should do well in your line of work.

Hi there,
Planning on moving to Annecy area with my almost 6 year old who doesn't speak French (native language is Dutch). The idea is for him to be in a French (private or public) school to really learn the language, so bilingual school is not an option. I see you have just gone through a massive search regarding schools. Can you share your findings? I will adapt our place to live to where his school will be, so am flexible.
Thanks a million!!! Carien


I came across your post and wondered how it all went with the move? We are also an Aussie family (Girls 4 and 2) and looking at a house to buy in St Jorioz. I speak minimal french, the girls arent great and I'd really like to know some other Aussies in the area!

Did you move for work? Did you send your kids to the local school?

Thanks, Jacqui


We're moving to annecy in April (kids aged 3&1) and would love to hear best places to live. Looking at an initial period of three months for a rental, is airbnb our best option?

If you're still in annecy in April, please get in touch, it would great to meet up!



We won’t be there until around the same time! We chose St Jorioz as it’s a gorgeous suburb with good schools and great views. 12 km on bike to Annecy Centre but has the best beach on the lake. Did not want to live in the Centre, can move to any city for that.

Get in contact if you decide to go ahead! We have found a place to buy

Thanks jacqui

Hi Jacqui,

Thanks!! I will check it out.

Where in aus are you? We're in Melbourne 😊 if you're local, let's meet up!

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