moving to Annecy December2019

we are a family moving to Annecy next month. We have 3 children, twin boys age 7 yrs and a daughter age 11 yrs. We are looking for good schools, college and ecole in central suburb with access to park and cycle routes. I need to find a good gymnastics club for my daughter, she is in a squad and trains a number of hrs per week and does competitions. We are looking for a nice suburb, good schools private or state. I heard back from Saint Michael and La salle ( two colleges) for my daughter, what are these like? struggling to find a place in a privé catholic school for the boys?  our budget for rental in max roughly 2000 per month. thinking in or near Annecy le vieux?
  I will be studying at the Alliance Française to improve my  French!


Hi Hannah
We are an English family with 3 kids doing the same move this summer..
I am interested in schools to..
Any advice on what you have found so far?

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