Driving in Addis

Does anyone know if I can drive with my California DL in Ethiopia?

No, you have to get an authentication stamp from the US embassy, then go to Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs to get another stamp and then off to road authority at Kality to get an ethiopian equivalent.

looking for a car driver..can anyone help..

yes shikha, i know some one who speak good english.
so u can call me 0921373353

To the gentleman who asked about driving with his California DL.... yes you can but only for a limited amount of time. You must have insurance to drive here. You also always have to wear your seatbelt as the driver or you will get a ticket for that, and whatever else might be wrong with your driving or car. You can apply for a DL here, start by making an appointment to have your DL notarized by the embassy. to government offices. Expect to pay something like 400 birr total, and that it will take you about a day to do everything.

To Drive in  Ethiopia You have to have  a renewed driving Licence which is authorized by Ethiopian transport Ministry and if you have a USA licence first you have  to show your renewed licence and the Ministry of transport give you a certificate to drive in Ethiopia
In Ethiopia only allowed Right hand drive  and in case if you need additional information contact me [email protected]

Right hand drive ??? I think you are confusing this with driving on the right, as all the cars are left hand drive.

Ok I'm going through this process at the moment, a few things to beware of, the paperwork is not in English, if you require more than one entitlement (ie cars and trucks) you have a problem, you can drive a car or a truck not both ?? That makes lots of sense ........ not. Oh and prepare for complete chaos throughout the entire journey, just to add they will require a photograph and a copy of your passport when you get to Kality, good luck.

After another half day of shoulder shrugging by the people in the transport ministry gave in and allocated me a grade 4 license, stand by your guns and you may get results ;-)