nursing in Brunei - any UK nurses done this?


I am currently studying children's nursing and would love to move to Brunei once I am qualified. Have any UK nurses had experince of this?
Is language a problem?

kind regards


Did you get a reply to this or any follow up. I am also a nurse and my husband may be offered work in Brunei so interested in nursing there, but not sure if I can.
Did you find anything out.

Hi Girls,  I have known British, New Zealand and a few other 'Western' nationalities to get work nursing in Brunei but most were fairly senior with lots of experience.  There are quite a few Asian nurses there, mainly from Phillipines and India.  In theory, if your husband has a work permit in Brunei then the wife is not allowed to work but somehow there are ways around this as I have known a NZ surveyor whose wife worked in a government hospital. There is a very nice private hospital there at Jerudong where most of the medical staff are expats.

Hope this helps; it is a nice country in which to live, if you don't smoke or drink too much alcohol!

My Husband and I are also comming to Brunei, but for me as a newly qualified nurse, dont Have any idea, how it works there. I am not sure if I can get a job there, if not I am planning to stay back in the UK. Reply is appreciated. thank you.

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