Scottish girl moving near Milan, looking for friends!

Hey guys new to this web site. I am moving in two weeks to Lugano not far from Milan. I will be nannying out there and i dont know anyone. would be great to meet up with people for drinks, nights out, cinema, shopping etc. Give us a shout if you are up for it. I cant speak Italian yet but i defo need to learn!

Talk soon



ciao jo,

welcome to the Pack jo.have a good time here.keep in touch.


Hi JOJo,
I have just moved to outside Milan too as a nanny and finding it quite lonely as don't know anyone! LEt me know if you are free at weekends too.
Sarah X

Hi Sarah and Jo.
I've been here six weeks! Working as a nanny too. I'm free most weekends, it would be great to meet up for a day in Milan. Coffee/ cinema/shopping (possibly window shopping). Haha. X

Coffee and window shopping sounds good... I'm up for it too-- lets try and stay away from the cinema though :s too hard to understand haha!

Woohoooo another Scot! Not many of us about! Welcome to Milano.

If you guys ever wanna meet up, i'm free! I'm here in italy until january 20th, and i'm not working or anything so i have a lot of free time and i'm pretty bored!

hi am person who speak english stay in center of milan also can meet up too:)
I am thai. want to have friend too.

nice to meet you

Anybody else got not much planned for tomorrow? How about apertivo'ing somewhere interesting? Was thinking of the Bhangra Bar in Milan? My wife and me will probably head out there tomorrow anyone wanna join?


Hi, why don't we meet up for apertivo? My wife is British, I'm anglo-indian, we have lived here for 10 months, would be cool to make some new expat friends.

Hi Jo,

I do not actually live in Milan - but I'm not too far (45km). Though you and the other people who posted their messages under this topic look a lot younger than me (I'm 46)- which means different interests and bla bla bla - if you feel like a breath of fresh air in the countryside you are more than welcome to visit me and my family anytime (me, husband and two kids) and I would of course be glad to come to Milan - where I originally come from - for a drink or whatever. I am Italian but speak English fluently and love meeting people from other countries.

Just write me an email.  This invitation is obviously extended to all the other people who replied as well.


Ciao Jo
I live in Milan too, would like too meet people and hang out.
would like to meet you as well :)


Hi, I'm Italian and I live near Milan. I'm looking for English speaking friends to practice my English! :)


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