Piano teacher for my daughter

Hi everyone,
We are new here in Jeddah and looking for a piano teacher for my 13 years old daughter. Anybody knows one?
Thanks. Amal.

Hello Amal, I invite you to post an advert in Jeddah classifieds > classes section/ music.

Hope it helps,

Thanks Harmonie, I'll do that :)

i can help you in drama if you like my wife is an theater actress and she a drama trainer if you want we can arrange for this.

Hi ,You can contact me on 0532327018.I can spread your details at our school for Drama lessons.

Thanks murd, but we are looking for piano..

I am a qualified piano reacher. I hold 2 teachers Licentiates and 2 performers Licentiates from the Royal schools of music and Trinity college,London

Hi Debbas and thanks for your respond. So you are a qualified piano teacher, do you give private lessons yourself?

I work at Jeddah prep and grammar school as inhouse pianist/music teacher. The only day I can teach privately is on Thursdays only.
You are wellcome to contact me after the Hajj break see.

hi debbas

thank for your advice... i will contact you soon and i will send you my wife cv... she is now in amman .. when she back jeddah we will arrange for this

you welcome amal

Thanks Debbas, I'll give you a call after the holiday..


An expert piano teacher is available in Jeddah.
Please e-mail tuition19[at]hotmail.com

Good Luck

Thank you Noon 19 I found a very nice piano teacher for now.. Thanks for your help.. I'll keep it in mind for the future.. Thanks again..

You are welcome Amal, best of luck for your daughter, and welcome to Jeddah:)

Thank you very much :)

Hi Amal, I read your post. 
I am looking for a piano teacher too for my 5 year old.  Do u have an contacts?


Hi Areej,
I did find a piano teacher through the Expat.com an my daughter is very happy with her. I know her schedule is full but you can try with her. Her name is Debbie and she Is under 'Debbas' on the Expat.com.  Good luck:)

Hi, I have a 5 year old daughter who loves playing piano, and was taking lessons with a Russian teacher previously who was very happy with her focus and potential.  I am looking for a piano teacher here in Jeddah. 

I also have a 12 year old daughter who takes vocal lessons, and would now like to learn the guitar, so I'm looking for a guitar teacher as well.


I need a piano teacher for me and my daughter 14 years old . If Debbas free to give us a lesson in thursday 1:00 will be good. Thanks

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Hello I know Piano teachers are expensive here,and hard to come bye..
If you find one please let me know.
Will pay inders fee.

Thank you..

Hello Debbie,

We are looking for Piano teacher to teach,any day your available ..
Would you please contact me small group  of 5  students ages 6 through 10 years.
At our school in the afternoon after 4:30.Or on Thursday.

Great location,wonderful environment.

Or private lessons.

Thank you

Hi M1960,

You should please post this advert in the jobs in Jeddah section.

Thank you.

I think I can help you in this matter. Repy me on my yahoo ID

Hi every one I'm 29 years old expat living in Jeddah. I  want a good community to share my good moments and to have a good time in Jeddah. I like singing and composing music. If some one want to contact with me please send me an e-mail on my yahoo ID: honestperson49[at]yahoo.com

I.m keyboard,piano,guitar,oud player
text me if u wanna help
BB pin: 26DE4D47
Email; p-organ_205[at]hotmail.com


Ms. Amal, I have 5 yrs. old daughter, and she likes to learn Piano also, can she join your daughter every Thursday

Ms. Debbie, I also want to inquire for your Piano lesson.

Hi Debbas, I just read your post on piano lessons and was wondering if you still give those, and if so, I would appreciate having an idea on cost, timing, location etc.
Many thanks,

HI, I am still looking for a piano teacher for my 6 year old daughter.  She is very keen to learn.  If anyone has experience teaching piano to children, and is interested, please let me know.


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M1960 -
  Where do you hold your classes on Saturdays? Do you have a website or somewhere I can look at prices and times? I have a 4 year old daughter and I am always looking to get her involved in other activities.


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Hi Debbas,

R you still providing piano lessons in jeddah?

Hi Debbas. We live near Jed perp and my wife is ineterested in piano lessons. Are you still offering?

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I can't seem to find Debbas and was wondering if anyone can give me her email address or a link to which I can contact her at?

Hello Justoneofthosepeople! Welcome to Expat.com :D

Here is the link to the profile of Debbas, on her timeline, I saw that she gave her phone number, maybe you could try to contact her through that ;)

https://www.expat.com/forum/profile.php … 〈=en

Let us know if you succeeded in contacting her please.


Thank you very much, I have found her timeline but I haven't had any success in contacting her, if anyone knows a female piano teacher please contact me as soon as possible.

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