flat share/ orphanages in Saigon

Hi I am moving to Saigon from Scotland next week to teach English, Very excited! I am looking for a lfat share - around $200 - not much I know but I have two kids to put through uni in UK - I am 49 - very easy going, domesticated - ish, friendly - love a chat over a drink, movies, travelling, meeting people. Would prefer D1 or D3. If ayopne can help that would be great.
Also looking to do some voluntary work at an orphanage or similar - again if anyone could help me with this I would be really grateful.

Hello julieknight and welcome to Expat.com!

I invite you to post an advert in Saigon classifieds > flat share section and also community section/ volunteers.

Hope it helps,

Hi Julie,where about in Scotland are you from?I was in Edinburgh last summer and I love that city.Amazing people and amazing scene.What kind of voluntary work are you looking for?

Also,if you have any questions regarding your settle down over here,dont hesitate to contact me,okay ;)

Hi Vicky
I live in a glen close to Inverness. Edinburgh is lovely - my son is at university there. I am looking to do some work in an orphanage/childrens home for a dew hours a week, teaching, fundraising or playing with the kids. Thanks for your offer. I will be in touch! Very excited.

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