Yoga by Donation (English) (for au pairs & everyone!)


I am an expat living in Amsterdam and I started a yoga group for au pairs and nannies to network and create community, which is now expanded to include everyone, and is taught in English.

The group meets Wednesday morning at 10:30 and Saturday afternoon at 4:00.  I will be adding other times, soon - one more weekday morning and an evening.

This group is a nice way to meet other people who are interested in wellness and health, and also if you need a babysitter or are a babysitter, it is a good way to find new positions as some mothers come, and also some au pairs and nannies leave their positions and can refer you.

It is beginner-level with very gentle and supportive instruction, light-hearted, fun, a nice exercise and also incorporating breathing, sound, and other practices to get your energy flowing fully and freely!

I hope to see you here!  (If the times don't work for you, feel free to send me some times that do!)

Kind Regards,


Hello Ariella, 

My name is Lilian I recently moved to Holland and I was wondering if I can join your yoga group. I do not have children but I think I can help people with their children in my free time.

Let me know if there is any cost and the place where you meet to do yoga.

Kind regards,