Drinking Buddies Needed Den Bosch/Oss Area.

Looking to connect with some expats in the Den Bosch/Oss area.  My wife and I (early 30s) just moved to the Netherlands from the States a few weeks ago.  We could sure use some drinking buddies.  Anyone out there?  HELLLLOOOOOOO.

Here's our blog:  http://padutches.blogspot.nl

Hey dszostek,
You didnt have to shout too far, I live in Berghem!
I moved from Sydney to Berghem last year to be with my Dutch boyfriend.  Sometimes I feel like the only expat in the village, but I'm glad to know there are others here!
We are always up for a beer or two?? :)

My husband and I moved to NL from South Africa in Nov last year.  Unfortunately we are based in Rotterdam. If you ever find yourselves taking a trip south let me know, we will be glad to show you around!

Hi chchhome & Sam_D!  Nice to meet you both.  Great to hear from you. 

My wife and I would like to explore Rotterdam soon, Sam_D.  When we make it up that way I'll be in touch.  Thanks!

Wow chchhome, Berghem?  That is close.  Sorry to shout so loud, didn't realize you were right next door.  My wife and I walked to Berghem from Oss last Sunday of Carnaval for their Light Parade.  Did you catch it?  I've got some pics up on my blog.  http://padutches.blogspot.nl/2013/02/ca … rghem.html

Where do you & your boyfriend typically hang out?  In Berghem? Den Bosch? Oss?  It would be nice to catch up for a few beers (they are delicious here by the way, I'm in love with all the Trappist selections.) 

I'm somewhat new to these forums but I think there is a private messager where we can exchange info if you want.  Stay in touch! 

Have a great week to both of you!  Cheers.

Hi all, hope you're well. My names Ranjit,a Brit Indian living in den bosch. I've been here coming up to 2 years almost, and subscribe to the school of thought that you can never have too many drinking buddies. I'd be happy to show guys around Den Bosch, though i'm no expert. I don't speak Dutch so won't be a huge help, but having done the whole moving thing i can certainly tell you what pitfalls to avoid.

I will be in the Uk for a week, so maybe next Fri/Sat we can have a few drinks. The more the merrier, so i'll try to bring some colleagues along if possible.


hi ya doing. try irish pub tilburg a few irish lads around allways up for a  few pints.

Hey dszostek,
I live in Drunen and would love to meet up with some other expats!
I'm Australian but moved to the Netherlands after living in Ireland for a year to live here with my Dutch boyfriend.
Let me know if you still want some drinking buddies, I can get to Den Bosch super easily :)

Hi again.Did you guys arrange something already? If not, anyone free this Friday/Saturday?

Hello All:  I apologize for my silence.  I set you up and left everyone hanging. Sorry bout that.  My wife (Vicki) and I are headed into Den Bosch this Friday night for a Den Bosch Dutch Language Meetup  Saw this group a few weeks ago so we're going to check it out.  Doesn't appear that you need to speak Dutch to attend.  Looks like the group meets at 9:30pm at Terminus?  This pub seems to be a short walk from train station.  RSVP with the attached link if you are interested. Hope to see some of you there. 

Ranjkara-did I see that you had RSVP to this meetup?

Yes mate, I will be there. Not for too long tho unfortunately, if ur keen we can start earlier, I'll have to shoot off at 10:30.

Any expats near Utrecht? Im from South Africa and arrived about a month ago... Would love to meet fellow epats!!

hi! I'm a new expat from France living in Den Bosch with my Boyfriend and I really need to have a drink and meet new people! Let me know when you will have a new plan!