Beginner tennis players

Hello! Any ladies out there interested in playing tennis (weekdays)  Im at beginner level and my tennis partner is moving back to the US next week unfortunately. Let me know!

Hello Sandra!

I would like to play tennis! Where are you located? I am in The Hague. If you are nearby we can meet during weekdays to play

Hi Sandra,

I'm also beginner tennis player and currently searching for a partner :) Where would you like to play?

Hello all :cheers:

To reach out to other tennis players, please drop an advert and your contact infos in the Sport partners in the Netherlands  classifieds section. :top:


Just wanted to add - I'm located in the Hague area, but Amsterdam during working days will also be ok :)

Im so sorry Ingrid- i shpuld have specified. I live in Haarlem...the Hague is a bit far  :(