Looking for pool for lap swimming

I would love to find a pool where I can swim laps to work off all the wonderful pasta and gelato. We just moved here from Bologna, where I swam at a lovely pool that was open from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week, but there doesn't seem to by anything like that here.

The pools I've checked out so far (Roma Uno in Trastevere, Nuova Olimpiclub in Ostiense, and Blueagles in Testaccio) all seem fairly expensive (50-70 euro per month) for pretty limited hours.

We live in Trastevere but I'm willing to take the bus/tram if the hours are flexible and the price is manageable. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Hey! Not sure you'll like what you're about to read, but I'm afraid I had the same disapointing experience and came to the conclusion that Rome is the worst city I've ever lived for a pool!
1. It's really realy expensive!
2. They all require registration and monthly/yearly fees rather than paying as you go
3. Very limited hours.
4. No olympic pool from October to May!!!
The only olympic pool of the city is outdoor and is only open a few months during the summer! I've never seen that, even in my small native town in France we have an olympic pool all long the year.
I think all the pools are private and may have no or limited support from the city, so that could explain the price. But for me 50 euros a month for a (small!) pool is just unacceptable.
On the other hand, there is actually a few really nice lakes for swimming in the summer, like Largo Albano (south) and Lago di Bracciano (noth). Obviously out of the city. I like swimming too, but I'm so despairing that I'm thinking about returning to the lake for swimming after summer with a longer swimming suit.

Thanks for the reply. I had already decided that there was no good option for swimming. I did like the pool at Nocetta  - not Olympic size but long enough for laps and the hours were good - but it took too long to get there. You have to take the 8 tram to the end of the line and then either walk at least 10 minutes along a busy road or transfer to a bus.  Since we live near the Gianicolo, we decided frequent brisk walks up to the top of the hill and back will have to do. At least we'll get the pleasure of the great views of the city.

I'v also just moved to Rome and looking for a lap pool though my flat mate said that Rome is the most expensive city to get in shape in though, I have found a decent fitness centre in San Giovanni, have not yet investigated the price, but have been told that you need to see a doctor to declare you fit to exercise which is 100 euros just there.