Going out in Rome

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Rome?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


I love spending time in: 1) Trastevere, 2) Via Borgognona,
3) Trevi Fountain, 4) Campo dei Fiori, 5) Piazza Navona,
6) Santa Maria in Trastevere, 7) Trajan's Market, 8) Vatican City,9) Villa Borghese, 10) Appian Way.

apart from the usual touristic places recomended by evalaviajera, a good place to go for a drink I specially lik is a pub called bartaruga at piazza matei an small square close to piazza venezia .

if you are lucky, some nights you'll find live music. During the summer is very nice to take out your drink and relax in front of the fountain.


I like Le Fate restaurant on Viale Trastevere


The food is really good and they also offer cooking classes there during the day. I've never done one myself but I've heard they have great reviews on Tripadvisor and other tourist sites like that.

For evening prosecco I like DivinOstilia near the Colosseum. It's a popular area so you may have to wait for a table but the service is great and you never feel rushed. In the evenings if you're outside and it gets a bit cold they bring you blankets!


For more adventurous discoing types, in the winter months White at piazza Barberini does a good aperitivo on Sunday evenings. http://www.roma.nosilence.it/locations_catering/white/