Capital gains tax in Thailand re Foreigners.

Please can anyone advise me on capital gains tax rules in Thailand for retired foreigners ?

I am British and considering retiring in Thailand.

I am in receipt of a trust from America and wonder what tax rules will apply to me ?


AFAIK this capital gains tax is not subject to taxation unless you bring the money into Thailand the same year

But I would consult a tax lawyer to be 100% sure as there have been some changes in the tax law related to this matter and other oversea income

Thanks Martin,

You don't happen to know of any good tax lawyers ?


Does your country have a DTA with thailand, to avoid paying tax twice just thought

Thanks Paul, Not sure as I am paid from a trust in America but I am resident presently in UK.I gather the Thai tax authorities have to decipher your main residence.

I will look it up.I imagine Thailand has a reciporacol tax agreement with America.


Both US an UK have DTA, but you become a tax resident of the country you spend more tha ln 180 days per calendar year in.

Good tax lawyers don't com cheap. Any auditor would have pretty good tax lawyers. What area do you live?