US Yearly taxes. IRS.

Does anyone have a safe, dependable person or service that they use to file the IRS taxes for Americans living in Thailand.


  I use Turbo Tax and, with live help and CPA review of forms they offer, it's worked well for my purposes.  From long term residents of Thailand whom I trust, there is a private law firm which they recommend for consultation at least.

  Let me know if you have further questions,   Jane

Dej-Udom & Associates Ltd.


942/142-3 RAMA IV ROAD,


FAX (66) 2236-6681, 2233-0227, 2233-0097

TEL (66) 2233-0055, 2233-0068

@cmbbkk  Thank You So Much.  Did you know that the Philippines is handing Social Security 1099 now? For Americans. So you no longer get your 1099 from Social Security  in the mail.    Patrick

I used Truro tax too with the cpa option.

@thailand4me No, I didn't realize that.  Thanks!


If your taxes are pretty straight forward I would say to simply use the IRS free website instead of paying fees to a tax consultant. … s-for-free


@marclarouche   Marc, I have a friend in California that does the taxes for me using Turbo Tax. But my problem is I can't get a copy of my 1099 Social Security. I was told that they don't send them in the mail any longer but instead the Phillphines are taking over US Social Security for International Expats. I put a request in but no responce, and there phone is just a computer for information.   Patrick


are you able to log into the social security website? if so you can pull down your statements.


@marclarouche Marc, I set up the accounts before I left the US. But the problem is they want me to give them a US phone number for identification. And they want to send me a code to get access to my account on that US phone.  Am running out of time to get my taxes done on time. My friend in the US is going to try and get that code for me and if that doesn't work  then he plans to go to a Social Security office to see if he can get it. But I think he may need a power of Attorney to get that 1099 for me.    Patrick


Yeah that is an issue. It is good advice to maintain a US phone number and use a SIM for whatever country you may be living in. I got that advice from a family that moved to New Zealand and didnt keep a US phone and it caused them all kinds of issues.



The government will accept a code from an

authenticator app. Google has one and that's

what I use. The app can be on any phone and

can be downloaded from the Play Store

I use it for VA, Soc Sec and IRS.

@scbrock  Thanks again for the information.      Patrick

@scbrock  Marc,  can you send me a link to the Google app.  for my code.   Patrick

If you're using an Android just go to the playstore and Search on Google authenticator app. The symbol looks like a multi colored asterisk. It should come right up.

I haven't used it on a pc if that's what you're asking


Yeah this is a great way around the US phone number issue.