Are there any technical or trade jobs for Americans ?

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I'm planning on traveling to Indonesia and travel through Tebing tengi, Medan, Jakarta, and Bali. This is my first time traveling here. Are there any jobs for American welders in Indonesia? Are there any technical or trade jobs for Americans at all?  Thank you.


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Hi @markhamilton6100

If you are travelling on a tourist visa whether a eVOA, B211A or other there is absolutely no way you can work "on site" without breaching the conditions of your visa regardless of your nationality.  You need to get a sponsor and KITAS and work permit and that is not a simple process.



Hi Andrew,

Let's say I have a sponsor, KITAS, and work permit; do Americans hold any technical jobs such as welding or other occupations? 

Hi Mark

If you have the work permit (through an employer as a sponsor) and a KITAS through that then you can work until the employment / contract ends.  As far as job availability, I'm not sure on that but you might find that the language barrier needs to be considered unless you speak Bahasa Indonesia already.


Aside from the language barrier, I think it's very difficult to find a job in Indonesia in your field as locals can do exactly the same kind of work for very low salaries.

Perhaps the way to move forward might be to look for jobs in the oil and gas industry as this is where many expats are employed, not jus tin Indonesia but all over Asia. You'd need to contact drilling companies and service companies to the oil and gas industry. It might also be necessary to change your filed in order to get a foot in into this industry.

This is the answer I was looking for. I know where to look now. Thank you very much for your response. Happy Thanksgiving from the U.S.

You're most welcome. Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

Travel is easy.

Working requires a load of paperwork and an employer.

It also requires the job doesn't have a local able to fill it (In law, at least)

Don't work on a tourist visa - Bad idea.

Right on. I now know that a tourist visa is a bad idea. Thank you for your response  as well.