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Hi guys! Sorry for starting new topic about it again. My situation is quite different because I'm not native speaker. Actually I'm teaching in Vietnam on business visa without work permit. I don't have bachelor degree. I would like to ask you something:
1. Can I be legal English teacher in Indonesia after being married to Indonesian girl? (How many years?)
2. Is it possible to work without work permit? (in Vietnam it is).
3. What about my nationality? Do they care about nationality or being blonde blue eyed handsome young man?
4. Is it possible to get long visa if I'm married to Indonesian and work without work permit?
5. What if I'm studying in Indonesia? Does it allow me to get part time job as teacher?

Please don't advise me to don't do that and leave these jobs to real teachers because as you know there are more jobs in Asian than real teachers willing to live here. Sorry if somebody is feeling offended by people like me, but I just like teaching. It's my passion folks!

Unless you are from one of the English Language speaking countries that Indonesia recognizes and you have the teaching qualifications required to satisfy the departments who oversee expat teachers ( Immigration, manpower and education) and you can get a sponsor to help you gain legal status, then no you cant work here as a teacher of English legally and could be in trouble if you do and get caught.

Getting a wife sponsored visa once married is simple enough but that allows you live here but not work and if you get caught working illegally your wife bears the responsibility. Flying under the radar as you might could be the answer in a very short period of time but after that it is really hard to survive.

Indonesia has currently very tough rules for expats working here regardless of nationality or job the person has here.  Corruption is less and less nowadays and most schools and language mills wont risk the fines and bad press if they have teachers not meeting standards set. Work permits can take months because of process, in some parts of the country.

Sadly the days of just being a westerner and finding a teaching job in the country are almost over but its still Indonesia so things are still possible but its now very risky,

A 1 year visa is pretty much automatic for Europeans married to Indonesians but wotk is not allowed without a work permit.
Only degee level native English speakers from 5 countries can work legally according to the rules.

This being Indonesia, the rules are sometimes ignored.

After 2 years part time work casual can be legal regardless of the other rules as KITAP holders are allowed such work without a permit.

Working illegally is a very bad idea unless you like fines and being deported, maybe even some prison time if you upset the wrong people.

5 countries only? I guess NZ, CA, US, UK, Aus, ... No RSA and IR?

Please do everything within the law especially immigration. Don't flout the laws of any country. You'll regret later for not listening to advice.

You might be able to get a job through the help of contacts as native speakers  may be sought after.

You don't need a degree to teach but you must have proven track record that you are able to teach English or any other language that you wish to teach in Indonesia or other ASEAN countries.

I have been teaching English at my NGO centre in Kuala Lumpur for 19 years and I just show my professional certification.


No, you do need a degree if you are wanting to teach in Indonesia legally.

What im concern is now being teacher in indonesia is strict.
My wife is teacher too under my sponsor now, before her sponsor is the school, and its been hard time for always going out the country just for extend visa because permit from department of education is delay to long. i really hate this situation because wasting time and money always go out to Singapore just for extend. after under my sponsor she can teach without permit from department of education. and her kitas can easy extend.

and new rule if you want to be teacher in Indonesia, you must have experience teaching in your country or other country at least minimum 5 years ( CMIIW ). this is based on  department of education that will give you permit kitas for teaching.


Yes, I agree with you. We must have enough working experience in our home country and get the teaching permit otherwise we might get trouble with the law as teaching involves the Education Ministry but teaching at language centres should be much easier for foreigners if they are impressed with your resume.

I wanted to start a tuition for English some time ago but was advised not as a foreigner and was asked to get relevant information before embarking on a business. 
However now, I have this idea to rope in a local guy to assist with the bureaucracy.

Thanks for info.

Private language centers have more struct rules than schools

In Vietnam if you are working over 3 months you need a work permit and must have the appropriate qualifications etc under 3 months work it’s possible but with local government authorities approval about 7/10 days in advance before entering the country other exemptions are public liability companies with 3 or less employees, emergency technologies personnel and engineers with vast expertise not obtained in Vietnam (I only know as 20% of my work is in Vietnam and I hold Visa’s)
Indonesia is way more strict, but they are a few very experienced people on here who will point you in the right direction (I’m not one of them 👍)

Kitab hilders does not have working permit. But gaves an advantage that your wife can apply for working permit for you stead of the company you applied. Working is a real hard issue here as government rightfully tryimg to keep Indonesian citizens get the job first .

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