European Football Train Adventure coming to Valencia


I will be in Valencia for 2 weeks in August while my 17 year old son is at the Levante Training Center in Bunol. White there, I will be working on the first episode of a project called the European Football Train Adventure (EFTA). When complete, it will feature 16 cities, 9 countries and 16 matches across 9 European Leagues.

I am looking to meet European football fans to do interviews, voice opinions on the state of the game, their team, wherever the conversations go. Very chill and probably done over a pint or two.

If you would like more details, let me know and we can discuss it before I geet there on August 12th.

I am a 52 year old male who lived in Mexico for 11 years, currently in North Carolina waiting to see what country my son will be playing in next.


Kim Thomas

@efta2023a if you fancy a drive I can guarantee you a lot of fans spanish English argentinian Scots all of different levels of domestic teams and a lot of which are still playing and are aged between 40ush and 80ish and still "scoreing" so to speak you may need a day or two

@Phil lubrin

Where is the place to find these peeps?

Hello everyone,

@ Kim Thomas, welcome on board !

Feel free to create an advert in the Valencia Classifieds under the Testimonies section so that we can share it with our members in our newsletter. You'll surely get more views.

All the best


@Phil lubrin like I said it's a drive , we are 4 hours  south of Valencia in various nearby villages in Almeria my village is Rambla Aljibe, Lubrin

That may be a bit far, maybe we could do something online?