Custom orthotics in Bratislava?


I am a dual US-Slovak citizen living part of the year in Bratislava. Any recommendations on where to go for custom orthotics ("ortopedické vložky na mieru") in BA? They cost over $600 in the USA but I've heard they are much less expensive in SK. I have SK insurance with Dôvera.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Hello Bill,

here are some specialists in Bratislava, but you must ask if they have contract with Dôvera. … uSEALw_wcB

Here is a step by step guide how to get a prescription: … cke-vlozky

And here are is an example where to go to get a custom orthopedics in BA: … -na-mieru/

You can receive also recommendations from the doctor/ specialists.


Thank you so much! This info is really helpful! One more question -- is there any way to know which doctors speak some English?

Also, on or other similar site, is there any way to do a deeper search for the doctor's particular speciality? For example, the link you sent is for orthopedists, who work on all bones in the body. How to determine which ones specialize in treatment of the feet (podiatrists)? Also, my sister needs cataract surgery on her eyes. I see a list of eye doctors, but how to find out who does cataract surgery?Thanks again,Bill