My daughter needs to move belongings from Leipzig to Berlin


My daughter lived in Leipzig and put her belongings in a storage unit in order to come back home for a while. (California).

Now, she's coming back to enter a Graduate program in Berlin and needs to move the items from that unit in Leipzig to her new place.

She doesn't drive, so will need a driver to assist with all of her belongings, and potentially ride along if that is allowed.

Can you suggest a moving company?

She is fluent in German so that is not an issue.

Thank you,

Susan Chilcote-Wade


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I don't know Leipzig so I can't say. She should best ask around from her circle of friends and acquaintances. One has to be careful since there are some criminal groups, mostly from Easter Europe that have set up businesses doing things like resealing driveways, power washing patios or roofs - and moving furniture.

They make it sound cheap and then give terrible service and at the end add lots of "extras" to the bill and threaten not to give back one's belongings or even physical violence if one doesn't pay up. It's pure extortion but often done at the edge of legality so that the police can't necessarily help. Such fly by night services should be avoided at all cost even when they sound cheap.

But most car rental places also have good sized vans, so if she has friends with drivers licenses that might want to help for a price it might be cheaper and more secure assuming she doesn't have a whole house full of stuff.

Thank you!