Air freight camera gear and customs clearance


I'm going to be moving down to Costa Rica for an extended period of time. I work in video production and have a few opportunities down there I would like to explore. So I would like to bring my gear- lights, camera, lenses, computer etc…

It's almost too much to fly with, so I was looking into air freight options and am really struggling to find an option that works for an individual.

i have found some options through Fed Ex and delta cargo, the challenge is finding a broker to help me with such a small non- commercial shipment .

Anyone have any experience with this?

Any information would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!



We used Get it Here Jerry.  Jerry was very good to work with and our goods arrived in 5 weeks.  The cost was less than I thought.  We sent two pallets of goods.

@EB DIBBY Check out Get it here Jeŕ  Jeŕry Thomas is  very good to work with.